Since it’s Father’s Day I figured it only fitting to write a Father’s Day inspired post.

To say I’m a “Daddy’s Girl” seems like such a understatement. My dad is the most amazing person I have ever (and will probably ever) know. He gives his all to his family and NEVER complains. I am forever grateful for the values that he has given me

The fam Christmas ’07

1) Independence – My dad has always raised his kids to be independent, ESPECIALLY his daughters (I’m the youngest of four, 2 boys and 2 girls). When I was growing up he used to always say “only YOU can make yourself happy.” While I did not understand that at the time, I completely understand it now. In order to spread the love and happiness around that we all have, we first need to find it in ourselves. This value has helped me SO much in my relationship. While I WANT to be with my boyfriend, I don’t NEED to be with him. That tiny, but very important distinction, has made my relationship strong. I don’t rely on him for ANYTHING. I work hard each and every day for the things in my life that I want (hello NEW macbook!) and then am happy when I get to share those things with Charlie. I’m so grateful that my father taught me the importance of self-reliance and education in a world where sometimes love isn’t forever (even though he and my mom have been married for 35 years!)

2) Confidence – I had so many issues in this department growing up. I was never sure of myself and always expected failure to come my way. My dad believed in me way before I could even grasp that concept. He would also tell me how ‘proud’ of me he was and how ‘smart and beautiful’ I am. If I ever tried to contradict him he would get upset with me. At the same time he also showed me the fine line between between being cocky and being confident. To this day I have NO idea how much money my dad makes. It was NEVER discussed in my household but he was proud of the business that he had built and being a partner in his accounting firm. It taught me to be proud in everything that I do but don’t expect the world to be at my feet, you have to work for it.

3) The Value of Money – I always had allowance growing up and if I didn’t do my chores than I wouldn’t have money that weekend to go to the movies or the mall or whatever tween thing I was doing. I have been working since I was 14 and had jobs all throughout college. BUT if say my car broke down, and it was WAY too much money to fix, he would cover it no questions asked. This made me realize the importance of saving and working hard for my money but if I was ever in a bind he would be there for me. I think the latter has made me appreciate him that much more and refuse to ask for money for anything short of absolutely necessary.

Cheersing me with a Patron shot at my going away party in ’09

Basically I love my dad and consider myself so incredibly lucky to have such a strong male figure in my life.