Why did I make a life list?

I explained it a little in the section itself but wanted to go more into detail and let you guys inside my head a little bit (scary, I know!)

I used to be content with just floating by in life. I never wanted to do anything out of the ordinary and was thoroughly content being a homebody.  I know a lot of this had to do with my battle with anxiety (massive post on that coming soon) but also my fear of failure. My theory used to be, if you don’t try, then you can’t fail. It makes me so sad to think of that now.

This theory on life did a complete 180 when I studied abroad in Australia for 6 months and was voluntarily forced out of my comfort zone. To be honest with you I don’t even know why I decided to do it. It didn’t seem real until I was actually getting off the airplane in Sydney.

Granted Australia isn’t a crazy change from home (same language, weather, customs) but being in a place where I knew no one empowered me. I could be WHOEVER I wanted to be. Planner Megan took a backseat to Spontaneous Megan. A lot of this had to do with my travel  buddy Ashley (which is another story for another time). She is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. She never says no to anything (in a good way, not in a ‘walk all over me way’) and lives by the seat of her pants.

She FORCED me to not book a hostel until we got into the city we were visiting and we would just ‘wing’ everything the whole time.  You have to understand that I needed to plan EVERYTHING out. Like seriously guys, EVERYTHING. So not knowing where I was going to sleep for a night was not something that I was comfortable with…like at all! But seeing her excitement on life rubbed off on my and by the end I was:

sleeping in airports

bungy jumping the 2nd tallest bungy in the world

going down white water rapids on a boogie board

and just LIVING LIFE.

This girl truly changed my life forever.


I dont ever want to lose that sense of adventure which is so easy when you have a 9-5 job, boyfriend of 2 years and (amazing) friends since high school. I know longer want to not try in fear of failure but try EVERYTHING because you never know what might change your life.

Yes, not everything on the list is life changing but it is still something that I want to ACTUALLY do, instead of just SAYING I want to do. Life is SO short and I want to look back on it with NO regrets.

So let’s live out our life list together guys!