I started really getting into social media my senior year of college.  Until then I only really used Facebook for personal reasons. I would tweet occasionally, mainly just to put on my resume that I knew how, and did not use any other social media platform.  Eventually though I decided to download a Twitter app for my IPhone (Echophone) and life hasn’t been the same.

I met amazing people from all over the world, with different interests and different passions. For one of my last classes at state I wrote a research paper on how social media is changing the PR world. It was then that I learned the business side of Twitter and started reading Mashable every day and signing up for all different kinds of social media just to learn more about them.

Now I am about to embark on this whirlwind road trip challenge for Chevy, along with 4 other amazing ladies.  These girls have been involved in social media longer than I have and I am learning so much from them. Although insanely intimidating to be competing alongside them I know that the experience and knowledge of this trip is going to help me so much in the field. Let’s just hope I can keep my head above water!



Originally Posted: 2/18/11