Since it’s Father’s Day I figured it only fitting to write a Father’s Day inspired post.

To say I’m a “Daddy’s Girl” seems like such a understatement. My dad is the most amazing person I have ever (and will probably ever) know. He gives his all to his family and NEVER complains. I am forever grateful for the values that he has given me

The fam Christmas ’07

1) Independence – My dad has always raised his kids to be independent, ESPECIALLY his daughters (I’m the youngest of four, 2 boys and 2 girls). When I was growing up he used to always say “only YOU can make yourself happy.” While I did not understand that at the time, I completely understand it now. In order to spread the love and happiness around that we all have, we first need to find it in ourselves. This value has helped me SO much in my relationship. While I WANT to be with my boyfriend, I don’t NEED to be with him. That tiny, but very important distinction, has made my relationship strong. I don’t rely on him for ANYTHING. I work hard each and every day for the things in my life that I want (hello NEW macbook!) and then am happy when I get to share those things with Charlie. I’m so grateful that my father taught me the importance of self-reliance and education in a world where sometimes love isn’t forever (even though he and my mom have been married for 35 years!)

2) Confidence – I had so many issues in this department growing up. I was never sure of myself and always expected failure to come my way. My dad believed in me way before I could even grasp that concept. He would also tell me how ‘proud’ of me he was and how ‘smart and beautiful’ I am. If I ever tried to contradict him he would get upset with me. At the same time he also showed me the fine line between between being cocky and being confident. To this day I have NO idea how much money my dad makes. It was NEVER discussed in my household but he was proud of the business that he had built and being a partner in his accounting firm. It taught me to be proud in everything that I do but don’t expect the world to be at my feet, you have to work for it.

3) The Value of Money – I always had allowance growing up and if I didn’t do my chores than I wouldn’t have money that weekend to go to the movies or the mall or whatever tween thing I was doing. I have been working since I was 14 and had jobs all throughout college. BUT if say my car broke down, and it was WAY too much money to fix, he would cover it no questions asked. This made me realize the importance of saving and working hard for my money but if I was ever in a bind he would be there for me. I think the latter has made me appreciate him that much more and refuse to ask for money for anything short of absolutely necessary.

Cheersing me with a Patron shot at my going away party in ’09

Basically I love my dad and consider myself so incredibly lucky to have such a strong male figure in my life.



Why did I make a life list?

I explained it a little in the section itself but wanted to go more into detail and let you guys inside my head a little bit (scary, I know!)

I used to be content with just floating by in life. I never wanted to do anything out of the ordinary and was thoroughly content being a homebody.  I know a lot of this had to do with my battle with anxiety (massive post on that coming soon) but also my fear of failure. My theory used to be, if you don’t try, then you can’t fail. It makes me so sad to think of that now.

This theory on life did a complete 180 when I studied abroad in Australia for 6 months and was voluntarily forced out of my comfort zone. To be honest with you I don’t even know why I decided to do it. It didn’t seem real until I was actually getting off the airplane in Sydney.

Granted Australia isn’t a crazy change from home (same language, weather, customs) but being in a place where I knew no one empowered me. I could be WHOEVER I wanted to be. Planner Megan took a backseat to Spontaneous Megan. A lot of this had to do with my travel  buddy Ashley (which is another story for another time). She is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. She never says no to anything (in a good way, not in a ‘walk all over me way’) and lives by the seat of her pants.

She FORCED me to not book a hostel until we got into the city we were visiting and we would just ‘wing’ everything the whole time.  You have to understand that I needed to plan EVERYTHING out. Like seriously guys, EVERYTHING. So not knowing where I was going to sleep for a night was not something that I was comfortable with…like at all! But seeing her excitement on life rubbed off on my and by the end I was:

sleeping in airports

bungy jumping the 2nd tallest bungy in the world

going down white water rapids on a boogie board

and just LIVING LIFE.

This girl truly changed my life forever.


I dont ever want to lose that sense of adventure which is so easy when you have a 9-5 job, boyfriend of 2 years and (amazing) friends since high school. I know longer want to not try in fear of failure but try EVERYTHING because you never know what might change your life.

Yes, not everything on the list is life changing but it is still something that I want to ACTUALLY do, instead of just SAYING I want to do. Life is SO short and I want to look back on it with NO regrets.

So let’s live out our life list together guys!


After being creative and working on other people’s sites all day, I am SO ready to work on my own. I have a ton of ideas and can’t wait to share them with you all and as much as I LOVED doing the MegCast I don’t have as much time for it anymore. I didn’t want it to feel like a chore. Plus, it’s quicker for me to get my thoughts out in blog-form so bear with me because I am not always the best writer.

I will still be doing my obsession of the week as well as posts about what is inspiring me at the moment (all of you and your blogs included). Make sure to check out my Life List (which is still in progress)

A HUGE thank you goes out to Lindsay Goldner for creating my amazing banner and helping me every time I was bitching about something being broken.

So stay tuned for far more interesting posts than this as well as more design elements!

Love you all!

I started really getting into social media my senior year of college.  Until then I only really used Facebook for personal reasons. I would tweet occasionally, mainly just to put on my resume that I knew how, and did not use any other social media platform.  Eventually though I decided to download a Twitter app for my IPhone (Echophone) and life hasn’t been the same.

I met amazing people from all over the world, with different interests and different passions. For one of my last classes at state I wrote a research paper on how social media is changing the PR world. It was then that I learned the business side of Twitter and started reading Mashable every day and signing up for all different kinds of social media just to learn more about them.

Now I am about to embark on this whirlwind road trip challenge for Chevy, along with 4 other amazing ladies.  These girls have been involved in social media longer than I have and I am learning so much from them. Although insanely intimidating to be competing alongside them I know that the experience and knowledge of this trip is going to help me so much in the field. Let’s just hope I can keep my head above water!



Originally Posted: 2/18/11

Here’s what my sister just posted on her facebook wall:

Watching 101 dalmations…..
Claire: why is the snow blowing in those poor puppies?
Me: because there’s a bilzzard.
Claire: poppin’ bottles in the ice like a blizzard.
Me: um, what?
Claire: you know, the G6 song? By 50 Cent?

Can we say amazing?!


Originally posted 1/9/11

When I realized that I would be moving back to Los Angeles after 4 1/2 years in San Diego I must admit that I was a little nervous.

I grew up in the valley…yes THAT valley. I’m a valley girl born and raised and have the slight accent to prove it. Even though the valley is part of L.A. it still always seemed like a world away. I was in my tiny little bubble always too scared to come out.

I moved down to beautiful San Diego for college and fell in love with the city. With its perfect weather and beautiful beaches I was more than happy to it call home. When my graduation date loomed near and I realized that I did not want to take a position at the internship I had, I decided that moving back to LA was my best option.  I had family, friends, boyfriend and an excited new internship possibility all back in the city that I USED to call home.

I realize now that it was the best decision I ever made. LA to me is like that old comfy sweatshirt in the back of your closet. You forget it’s there but get excited when you have a use for it and it always fits you just right.

I love the hustle and bustle of LA. I love that everyone is trying to pursue their dreams. I love that there are endless possibilities. I love that it’s incredibly diverse and you can meet people of all different nationalities. I love that at any time of the day or night you can get some AMAZING food. I love that you can always find a fun show/concert to go to. I love that there are so many different areas to explore that have completely different vibes.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that as much as I found comfort in San Diego for those 4 1/2 years…I’m really a LA girl at heart.



Originally posted 2/7/11